Want to learn how to create & build Web Sites, Mobile App’s or Mobile Games with no Coding experience?

3 skills development workshops 


Mobile App Development

This course was designed to teach the learner how to build, publish, host and maintain a fully functional mobile app for Android and IOS from scratch with no prior coding skills. 

Mobile Game Development

Students can learn how to design, build, monetize and publish hyper-casual mobile games to various platforms including Android, IOS, PC  and more.

Web Design & Development

Every business needs a website,  this course is aimed to learn students how to design, build, host and maintain your sites with no prior coding or language experience.

What is it?

These are highly focussed workshops designed to teach the art of designing and building awesome apps, games, and websites with no prior coding experience

Who is it for?

These courses were designed for anyone who wishes to learn a new skill or entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses.

What will I learn?

Depending on which course you attend you will learn the fundamentals of each application, how to design, build, host & maintain the apps, the business application of each together with the economics and financial applications of each.

Is it true, can I do this without any coding experience?


How are the courses delivered?

Currently, we host the workshops at Schools for students, we also present workshops from our offices in Pretoria East for our adult learners.

What do I need?

You will need a laptop, we will supply the coffee, internet, licenses, art, and sound required.

Are the courses accredited?

No, these workshops were designed for students and anyone else wanting to learn a new skill or entrepreneurs looking start their own business or generate an income.

What can I do with it?

It’s up to you, but we have found these are popular choices taken:

  1. Gain an idea of what the industry is like and if its for you before committing to a degree at a College or University.
  2. Generate an income by building apps, games or websites for other companies.
  3. Build apps and games for yourself and monetize them.
What is the earning potencial?

an Industry guideline states that entry-level apps start at R25000.00 up to R50000.00 for more advanced Applications.

Mobile games are very popular and can earn from very little to hundreds of thousands per month.

Websites can also generate a very decent income, in fact, a lot of companies do only this and are very successful.



Courses delivered at your School or at our premises.

You are required to bring your own laptop, if you do not own a laptop please arrange with us for a loan as they are limited.

We supply you with the trial versions of all required platforms and software as well as all Art, Sound and Materials to complete the workshops.

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