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About SoftwareJar

Who we are

We are a software vendor disrupting the status quo in the indoor buildings way-finding, marketing and analytics sector, 

What we do

We Enhance your customer’s experiences, we help you Engage with your patrons in real time and we Evolve your business by you learning your visitors patterns, habits and preferences for you to increase your ROI while delivering a fun and relavant tool to your clients that will have them coming back for more.

What is our secret

We cracked the code to indoor location technology by delivering a solution that requires No Beacons or any other external hardware.

How we do it

Mobile Application / SDK

We offer you a custom designed mobile application respecting your brands look and feel with the  Way-Finding SDK integrated, or if you already have a App we can incorporate the SDK for you.

Indoor Navigation & Way-Finding

This is the foundation of our Smart Solution, allow your visitors to navigate large buildings with ease, and set the pace to integrate Marketing and analytics.


Our proximity based messaging allows you to directly communicate with the right person at the right place and time with wallet in hand.


Enterprise and property level analytics depicts the visitors journey from initial interaction right trough to way-finding.

Industries we work with

Shopping Malls

Visitors complain about losing their way, time and patience in huge shopping malls, Our mission is to solve these problems and offer shopping malls the opportunity to stand out and bring a digital experience to their customers.

Our solution offers many possibilities like displaying special store offers, highlights of potential favorite stores and a greater fluidity of traffic. Customers easily find their way around and are more effective in their shopping.


In a retail environment, indoor mapping is being used to analyze customer behavior in order to help retailers increase sales through heatmaps. We support RFID technology making it possible to identify and locate products. SoftwareJar provides the foundation for an in-store digital transformation through customized indoor maps. 
Our mission is to optimize the navigation of your retail space, leading to an increase in your revenue and more customer engagement.


Travelers often have a hard time finding their way around airports or railway stations, resulting in an irritating travel experience or even missed flights/trains.

If you want to relieve your visitors by providing the best and fastest routes within your airport or station, if you want to give your visitors peace of mind for a more enjoyable shopping experience, we’ve got the answer.

Health Care

With the simple use of a smartphone, our solutions provide a better patient journey, simplify administrative processes and guide patients as well as visitors within healthcare facilities. Facilitate your maintenance operations and your staff’s everyday life thanks to medical device tracking. Indoor wayfinding will reduce delays and improve your hospital's global experience.


Navigating indoors inside a buzzing event is not only confusing – it’s discouraging, especially when the place is crowded. On top of that, if we consider the frustration of trying to figure out how to get from one location to one of the many exhibitors, the event becomes a real nightmare. We have set out to solve this challenge to make sure everyone can get the most out of your event. Our mapping platform helps you display your event’s floorplans. With the search and direction engine, your attendees will easily find their way anywhere around the venue.


On University campuses everywhere, it’s always the same problem for students, visitors, and staff members who waste time trying to find their way around. If you want to reduce delays, facilitate the arrival of newcomers, and improve the daily life of staff and faculty members, we’ve got the answer.

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